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42+ Languages BT AI translator

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42+ Languages BT AI translator

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*Pitch recognition+Grammar analysis+Algorithm processing provide more accurate translation
*O/S:based on Android System
*Connect with smartphone by BT,,easy to read and learn
*Operating Modes:Button Press
*Battery:800mAh Lithium Battery

Q. How many languages can it be translating ?
A: Now, it support 42 languages

Q. How about the translator works to compare with phone ?
A: Its accuracy reached 97%, its speed so quickly. And it will record as text what you said.
It is more conveniently than phone on the translation.

Q. How long does the battery work.
A:It stand by for 140 hours and it works last 6-8 hours.

Q. Do you provide a sampe for the AI translator?
A: Yes, it's available upon request.

Q. How long do you need to prepare sample ?
A: Depending on different products, it may take 3-7 days.

Q. What's your Order MOQ?
MOQ is 3K

Q. What payment terms do you accept?
A: For samples, we accept WESTERN UNION or BANK T/T in advance. For MP order, 
accept Bank TT.

Product model  ID-V5
Operating Modes Button Press
O/S Based on Android System
Display will show on smartphone
Special Function                                                                                                 Pitch recognition+Grammar analysis+Algorithm processing provide more accurate translation

Support languages  Arabic (Egypt),Arabic (international),Arabic (Saudi Arabia),Polish,Danish,Deutsch,Russian,French (France),French (Canada),Finnish,Korean,Dutch,Catalan,Czech,Croatian,Romanian,Malay,norwegian,Portuguese (Brazil),Portuguese (Portuguese),Japanese,swedish,Slovak,Thai,Turkish,Ukrainian,Hebrew,greek,Spanish (Latin America),Spanish (Spanish),Hungarian,Italian,Hindi,Indonesian,English(Australia,USA,India,UK),Vietnamese,Chinese (traditional,simplified,cantonese)
Network  NO
Features Instant translating,cloud computing,Intelligent grammer analysis,AI,OTA updating
Integrated Google, Microsoft, Baidu and Nuance Speech Engines
Function Built-in independent omni-directional microphones with intelligent noise reduction system  
I/O Micro USB port,
Size 100*10*10mm
Battery 800MAH
Standard Accessories Adapter,USB port,User's manual,Warranty card,Gift colour box
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